Lately Check Point was discussing with partners and customers if there’s the need for a distributed deployment (Security Management on a dedicated system with dedicated Security Gateway(s)) even in small environments.

Regardless of the size of the appliances, I use distributed deployment from the moment where I have a HA environment – so I’m very happy which Check Points latest decision.
We have now, for a limited time, the opportunity to buy a small management package license.
This is a software license which can be deployed on an open server or in a virtual machine and it manages 2 gateways only.

We have three blends available:

  1. CPSM-P203-SOC Security Management pre-defined system
    NPM, EPM, LOGS, 100 Endpoints, 2 Gateways – $3100.00
  2. CPSM-P207-SOC Security Management pre-defined system
    NPM, EPM, LOGS, MNTR, EVIN, PRVS, UDIR, 200 Endpoints, 2 Gateways – $4100.00
  3. CPSB-EVS-C200-SOC SmartReporter and SmartEvent blades
    EVNT, RPRT, 2 Gateways – $2100.00

This is a limited time offer until end of Q3/2013 and I would encourage everyone to make use of this great deal.This may be the last time where you can get a full blown security management or event reporting for your small environment. And the possibility to use this license in combination with a virtual machine enables you to get a powerful system for a very reasonale price point.