Been a while since I’ve written a blog post – for those that weren’t aware, I’ve recently returned from getting married and my honeymoon, so obviously this little project has been much, much lower on my priority list!

What was really great to see from my perspective was that CPShared basically ran itself while I was away – it was great to come back from several weeks of wedding prep chaos followed by some extreme relaxation and damn good Balinese food to see that the community happily carried on and brought all sorts of interesting stuff to the table. While we’re not on the same crazy growth spurt that this site and community started with, there’s still a constant trickle upwards in both membership and content, and more importantly a LOT of really strong feedback and return visits.

I can’t reveal as much as I’d like yet, but there’s three big things coming up soon that will be unique to Check Point communities that should pan out over the next few weeks/months. Suffice is to say that the growth in the community has been noticed by a number of interesting groups, and there’s some really exciting opportunities for collaboration coming up.

Keep the content coming, particularly the RFE ideas. Keep asking those questions you’ve never been sure about. Most importantly, keep the really positive spirit of collaboration and community that we’ve got going continuing. Perhaps it’s because we’re so locked into our “trust no-one” mindset; perhaps it’s also because most IT Security people work in small teams around people and a culture that don’t really understand the online world from our perspective, but it’s very easy to get insular in this profession. What’s exciting is seeing how much better we can all do our jobs when we find the right platform for trusted communication – I think that’s something we’ve managed to nail so far.