An essay is a creative scholarly work that expresses the author’s personal opinion on a particular subject or issue without claiming to be a complete treatment of it. It is something in between an academic publication and an article. Here you do not have to adhere strictly to the rules of narration, as in the report. The style of presentation is scientific and journalistic. Quotations can be inserted in the essay, but their total volume should not exceed one third of the whole article. That is, it is necessary to work with a variety of literature, to study the opinions of authors on the subject, before you indicate your position and set it out in writing.

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How to design a custom essay

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Professional essay and its signs

It is possible to identify several common signs of essays, which the authors adhere to when writing a work:

  • Small volume – 3-7 printed pages.
  • Specific topic, subjective interpretation. Only one issue is covered, one thought. It must be developed and an opinion must be expressed.
  • Free composition. This genre has no formal boundaries. It often goes against the laws of logic.
  • Informal narration. The author establishes a trusting communication with the reader, avoids complex, incomprehensible constructions.
  • Free possession of the subject. The finished work will provide a multidimensional view of the problem that led to reflection.
  • Coherence of meaning. Must be a coherence of the main theses and assertions, arguments and associations.

Rules for writing essays

The rules by which authors write papers for college:

  • A heading is mandatory.
  • Structure – arbitrary or as requested. Conclusions at the end are not necessary, but they can be stated in the text itself.
  • Argumentation can be stated before the formulation of the problem.
  • Sufficient amount of detail. All statements are supported by examples.
  • Checking the initial version is of great importance when writing an essay. Authors work out the argumentation, polish the main thoughts and place them in a strict sequence, accompanied by supporting examples.

Why should I buy my college papers online

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