Everyone knows those players who dominate games over others, score 40 frags a game, dominate other players. They don’t make any money in sports, but they are still considered professional players. Many people wonder how they do it, how they do it. This article will talk about the factors that affect the overall level of play in CS and beyond. If you want to buy game merchandise, then CSGO NET can help you.

Build more myelin to date

Myelin provides insulation for your nervous system, this insulation enhances the electrical impulses that are transmitted from one nerve cell to another. Does that sound very complicated? In other words, it helps your body and mind respond to different scenarios faster and with greater accuracy. It turns out that firing a single round to the head is the result of pure response through myelin. The problem is that myelin builds up over time, continuously preparing your nervous system for the special task you so want to accomplish. 

So, if you want to become a really high level player, you have to train very hard. Only as a result of a lot of training can you really become one of the best CS players. Developing a protein envelope called myelin requires conscious practice, task-oriented actions, focusing on the tasks at hand until you become a master at it. 

This may include:

  • Popular muscle memory training that culminates in a deathmatch game (where you force yourself to apply the skills you’ve learned in training).
  • Playing in a tough environment, against strong teams will help you become collected.
  • Recognize your weaknesses and train them so that they grow from weak to strong. For example, many players don’t play well with a starting pistol, do they? This will give you a definite advantage in at least 2-3 rounds of play.


Holism is an idealistic doctrine that views the world as the result of creative evolution guided by an intangible “integrity factor.” Middle-class players have a sense of the game, and high-class players have a sense of the match, it is that they understand all the events that occur simultaneously in the game. This vision of the game allows them to adapt their strategy toward winning, round by round.

Their holistic approach to the game allows them to control the situation around them, forcing the enemy team to split up, or to take unfavorable positions, or to make bad decisions in the game because you’ve miscalculated everything. Fighting against such players is only possible if you are aware of their actions, and if you inform your team about the situations.

A holistic game analysis involves evaluating two or more variables simultaneously:

  • Time.
  • Routes.
  • Enemy positions (distance and advantage ratio).
  • The skill level of the opponents.
  • Strategies of opponents in past matches and rounds, etc.

Teams that adopt a holistic approach will be role models in the game, shaping their defense by rotating and redistributing forces, defending the flanks, and counter attacking whenever it makes sense during a round. (Depending on the situation in the game, the activity or conversely, the inactivity of the opponent). High skill, in fact, is an unstoppable force to exploit situations. Developing an arsenal of solutions and tactics for different situations comes with experience, which brings us to an important section – open-mindedness to defeat, as a way to long-term growth of your skill game. You can find more information on that website. Use these tips to get some really serious advantages and become a much more professional player in CS:GO.