While working with R75.40 you may have stumbled across sk79020.The SecureKnowledge article describes how SCP transfers of backup files are failing because the installed openssh package does not support the needed command line switch "-u".There is a fix available for the error described in sk79020 that consists of new openssh packages for GAIA. These packages are already integrated in R75.45.

But recently I found a new error in R75.45 backup when configured with SCP transfer.Although there is no limitation described in any article and the WebUI let’s you configure it, we have no support for usernames with a hyphen "-" in it when it comes to copying the backup package with SCP.

This will lead to an error where the backup package is created but not transfered without any further error message.So make sure your usernames are hyphen-free and enjoy the new GAIA+ feature backup.