Without a doubt, Amazon is a profitable marketplace. The site is easy to make a profit from its large audience. However, the crowded audience of the site has two sides of the medal: on the one hand, a lot of people will see your ad, on the other – a big competition, which is constantly growing. More and more people are discovering Amazon, Kindle and other online platforms for the sale of goods. There is less and less space left for you on these sites.

Things used to be different. There was competition, but it wasn’t as tough as it is now. A few years ago, it was easy to put your products on the top of the Amazon pages. Then it was enough to follow Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm: you had to insert certain key requests in the product description, collect a bunch of good reviews on the sales page, put the current competitive price, make an attractive product description with the structure, subheadings and color highlighting – and that’s it.

Now, over the years, the process of creating a product has become much easier: anyone can publish a book, order a batch of silicone covers at the factory, etc. Because of this simplification, the audience of Amazon salespeople is growing exponentially. And it’s good if the audience grows proportionally: a new salesperson has a new customer. But no, the customer audience has no reason to grow, but it’s easier for the sellers to place the goods – you can see the result: the competition is off the charts!

That’s why it’s time for you, as a seller, to go beyond Amazon. Not that to leave the project completely, but to start an advertising program outside the Internet site. Imagine that you have the opportunity right now to get a line of potential buyers who came to Amazon just for your product. Understand that you do not have to hope only to search through an online store. You have another ace in your hand – search engines. By creating a flow of people through these systems, you will definitely increase the number of sales, and with it conversion, and thus improve the ranking of products in the A9 ranking.

Internal optimization of Amazon pages

There’s no way Google is going to put sites with poorly optimized pages at the top of the list. This applies not only to the entire site, but also to individual pages, such as your product description. For you to have an approximate understanding of the requirements of a search engine, you must have the following in your description:

  • title;
  • subheadings;
  • product description;
  • meta-tags in images;
  • the selected Amazon keyword in the panel;
  • the seller’s notes;
  • the completed FAQ section;
  • reviews.

Correct external optimization of the Amazon page

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as it might seem to build a link profile. There are plenty of sites on the Internet that are ready to review your product and even place a free link to the description page and leave a useful feedback. The only difficulty is persuading or motivating bloggers, magazine editors and site administration to post Bare URLs for promotion. For example, most bloggers will rely on the Amazon Affiliate Program to post their links to your product.

To avoid wasting your time, we recommend that you specify the terms and conditions of your partnership with a blogger or magazine. Specify the exact link that should be included at least once in your article. Otherwise, there is no point in doing it. If you want to increase your chances of success, you can use the services of amazon advertising agency.

By the way, do not forget that the more effective methods you use to attract traffic, the higher your rating on Amazon. As you know, the higher the rating, the higher your product in the site search engine. So, with one shot you kill two birds: more customers from both Google and Amazon. Start changing your promotion strategy today, now!