Marilyn Monroe once sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. As a result, this statement has become almost the only answer to the question of what to give a girl for any occasion. We decided to come to the rescue and present you a few more things that will please your ladies, no less than precious jewelry.

Gift card

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Set of watercolor pencils

Such a gift for sure will please a girl who loves drawing no less, and most likely even more than the biggest diamonds. The set includes many pencils, each of which has its own, unique color. Plus, thanks to the properties of watercolor pencils, you can mix colors on paper and create new shades. Another advantage of watercolor pencils over ordinary pencils is the ability to achieve a smooth transition between colors up to the complete disappearance of strokes. As they say, just add water!

These pencils allow everyone to feel like a great Renaissance painter and graphic artist. We don’t promise that the recipient of your gift will become Leonardo da Vinci, but will definitely have a lot of fun drawing with these pencils!

Glass teapot

And this gift will suit those girls who are very appreciative of home comfort and hospitality. The Danish company Eva Solo for decades of hard work perfects the skill of production of both elegant and technically thought-out goods for home. This did not go unnoticed either by ordinary consumers, or by professional critics, who have repeatedly awarded the Danish brand with various awards in the field of design.

Teapots from Eva Solo are stunning products, greatly facilitating the life of any family. It is made of quality and environmentally friendly materials, and they can be washed in the dishwasher without any fear. But the main feature is the tea sphere. This device is located on the inside of the lid. It is designed to store brewed tea for easy retrieval after use. So, no more hassle with tea leaves in your mouth and suffering to get the rest of the brew out of the crockery.

Sculpture in the form of a flower

Giving a girl flowers is a nice, but very corny option. But what if the flowers are a real work of art, but made by the hands of a master? Works of modern authors, exhibited in many museums and countries. And you have a unique opportunity to give the lady of your heart one of his masterpieces – a sculpture of a magnolia or other flower. These statuettes are in no way inferior to their natural originals in beauty and at the same time will never fade, pleasing their owner with eternal beauty.

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