Guides are a lot of new business and personal account opportunities. You can buy instagram followers and get a more status account, and guides can help you keep follower interest. We’ve outlined the main benefits of guides below.

  1. Guides make it easier to navigate. Where once the only way to quickly find posts on a particular topic was through navigation tags, now guides solve that problem. Simply create folders of posts that are categorized by topic, and don’t torture subscribers with a torturous search procedure.
  2. Give content a “second life”. On average, users produce 2-3 posts a week, and Influencers even generate content every day. This is a mass of useful posts that eventually get lost in the stream of new entries. Statistically, followers at best look at the last 10-20 posts, so guides give bloggers the opportunity to collect all the content in one place, once again reminding subscribers of it.
  3. Allow you to repost multiple posts at once. If you are interested in getting maximum reposting of your publications, create guides. This way it will be much more convenient for users to share several posts at once.

Examples of Instagram guides

Here are some examples of how to effectively use guides.

  • Topic picks. For example, it can be a selection of the best care cosmetics or the rating of the most powerful cars.
  • Product line presentation. Launching a new product or a limited edition? Great, then create a guide and put information about the basic characteristics of the product in it.
  • Tips and tricks. A useful category for experts in a niche.
  • Before/after. This format is great for beauty bloggers, retouchers, makeup artists, and beauty salons.
  • Production Stages. By demonstrating the process of creating a product, you can not only entertain followers, but also emphasize the quality of the goods produced.

Tips and nuances

Now let’s move on to some useful tips:

  1. If you want to delete one of the posts or swap posts, click on the three dots next to the material and select the desired action;
  2. If you’re making a selection of items, then come up with an interesting theme for the guide. For example, instead of the banal “The best products of our brand” it’s better to use “What should be in your cosmetic bag: top 10 products”.
  3. Those companies that often run ads for a “cold” audience, be sure to have a guide introduction.
  4. No matter how diligently Instagram developers tell users that they came up with guides solely to help them keep track of their mental health and minimize their time spent on social media, the fact remains that guides are another step toward spending more time in front of the screen.

But Instagram guides should definitely be tested by absolutely everyone. First, they’ll help you quickly and visually tell your audience about your brand (if you’re a business), and second, they’ll allow you to gain additional reach. This way you can gain an audience of the best instagram followers and develop your account.