The most money is spent by the users of mobile games, who are also the most active users. In many respects exactly the profit from games and the user involvement are the reasons why the companies decide to create their own mobile games. Now you can quickly create spine 2d animation by means of specialized services.

Mobile games

The share of mobile games also showed the highest growth rates in comparison with other segments of the industry. How can it be explained? In many countries, the share of mobile users is very high: Android smartphones are more affordable, the number of smartphone users is several times higher than the number of owners of personal computers, laptops and tablets, and mobile operators offer fast mobile Internet on more favorable terms than the Internet providers. More than two-thirds of mobile devices work on Android, and in the next few years it will not change: the cost of the iPhone has increased significantly, and Windows Phone could not make a serious breakthrough in the market. The market of mobile applications and games itself is growing dynamically – now is the most suitable time to decide on the direction of interest and try to take a promising or profitable niche.

What does the average player look like?

We are talking about a person 25-35 years old, who in his spare time likes to play mobile games on his phone. Sometimes it can take up to 10 hours a week. He is a family man whose monthly income is not too high, he likes to spend time with friends, attend some cultural and entertainment events, and has a rest with his family. Men and women are equally actively interested in games. But the task of each good game is to turn an ordinary user into an active player, increasing his activity through a system of motivation to make him play as often as possible.

Which direction to choose?

The majority of popular mobile games are strategies, sports simulations, arcades, shooters, puzzles, connected with dating or social networks, are some musical applications or content projects. The most common business model is freemium, giving 76% of the total income for the whole industry, while paid applications without in-game purchases give 20%, paid applications with in-game purchases only 4%.

Where do I start developing a game?

Whether you are going to make a branded game or a game application that should generate revenue, you should start with research and descriptive analysis of your competitors. It is necessary to understand how free is the niche you are interested in, who your competitors are, and what may be the pitfalls during the promotion.

The next step is to develop a unique idea – the game should be authentic and have no analogues in the market. The important thing is the content and design of the game, the original adaptive design and intuitive interface, thought-out mechanics. In search of the designer who will create models of the future game, try to choose those who already have similar experience, it is desirable in that direction which interests you. It will be useful to have references to other, existing games and applications – they can represent approximate ideas on elements of design or functionality of the game.

Great attention should be devoted to the system of rewards and bonuses that motivate users to turn to the game often – it is a strategic move. This is the secret of user involvement and the key to the popularity of the game. It is also necessary to determine the budget of the game, timing and make a detailed technical task for the programmer. Next, you can proceed to such processes as video game character concept art and other steps that will help you create a great option of the mobile game.