Welcome to CPShared!

CPShared – Welcome to the new community for Check Point-related news, opinions, tips, tricks and ideas.

Why CPShared? For the techies, this means the SVN foundation that runs at the core of Check Point’s products. For the community, it is our hope that this will be a community of peers to enhance our knowledge and experience of Security, as well as a forum for us all to share our knowledge and experience.

So what’s new about CPShared? First, we’re working to get the vendor and partner community directly involved in what we’re setting up here. We expect and encourage the vendor and partner community to actively participate, and use this forum as another way to get their message out.To that end, we’ve set up areas for the Partners and Alumni of Check Point to communicate and keep in touch. These areas are private and restricted to that community. If you are a Check Point alumni or work for a CP Partner, please message the admins in the forum and we’ll upgrade your access.

Second, the focus here is on productive information you can use as reference and expert opinions. Our plan is to build the most comprehensive list of tips, tricks and how-to’s independently hosted, as well as build what will hopefully become the definitive repository of tools and applications developed indepedently of Check Point. If you have a tool, application or script that you have been working on, please contact us through the forum and we’ll set up a dedicated area for your project. Whether it’s a gambling project like Mostbet Bangladesh or any other equally complex project.

Third, we are hosting a public forum for users and partners to submit RFEs and feature requests for vendor products. Not only that, but we provide the ability for our users to vote on RFEs, so that everyone can comment and assess the popularity and desirability of enhancements to hosted products. We will be actively lobbying the vendor community to use this as a tool for their own product management, so hopefully we can shape the future of these products as well.

Fourth, we intend to collect blogs from experts in the user and partner community, as well as blogs from our vendors themselves. These blogs will be a blend of insightful technical content, commentary on Check Point product development, and independent comment (and hopefully feedback!) on Check Point events and news. The hope is to provide a closer and more informal place for vendors, partners and users to share opinions and occasionally be controversial!