So here’s the first announcement. About 2 months ago, Check Point approached me asking for ideas about whether they could use the CPShared community to assist them. Specifically, the Technical Publications group was looking for ways to get more feedback about Technical Publications, both from an errata and corrections standpoint and also as another avenue for user/consumer feedback. This started a dialog about what we can do together to promote and improve communications about Technical Publications, and as a result a few of the senior members here have been working to consider the best way forward for this.

The result of this is a new forum area on CPShared, devoted to communication about CP Technical Documentation. This will be monitored by the CP Tech Pubs team, and any/all feedback received here will complement the existing feedback mechanisms within Check Point. This represents a great opportunity for all of us to communicate with Check Point, and get our feedback to them through an interactive dialog. CP’s technical documentation, IMHO, is already pretty good, but this allows us all essentially to become part of the QA process on these documents and help everybody to improve CP Products and Documents.

I’m really excited by this. Considering this project is only a few months old, to be getting this sort of opportunity to work with Check Point is a fantastic endorsement of what we’ve created here. I’d encourage all of you to dip into the docs and if you’re aware of anything that is not correct, inaccurate, outdated or needs a better explanation, use this chance to let the people who need to know about it. I hope this is the first of many collaborative exercises we can do with vendors to make this community shine.