It’s not enough to define and find your TA habitat. You also need to be able to attract the target audience to Instagram. For this you can use different methods, you can buy instagram followers or use other services. The optimal solution is considered the recruitment of the audience with the help of special companies. To determine the target audience, the service only needs to set appropriate search parameters or a specific list of users, and then it will begin to attract the specified users to your page automatically. You can use the following features:

  • automatic selection and setting of likes under photos;
  • subscribing to accounts in the target audience category;
  • imitation of live communication and distribution of comments to accounts of potential customers;
  • liking and subscribing at the same time, which simulates the actions of a live person and increases the likelihood of reciprocity by 40%;
  • unsubscribing from nonreciprocal users.

Many services support deep customization of target audience parameters. For user search you can set the program to collect subscribers from competitors’ accounts or specify your own list of users. You can also specify gender, age, geographic location, number of users, period of last activity, hashtags, and even the presence/absence of avatars. This way, you can set your TA’s parameters as precisely as possible and automatically attract them to your page, which saves you a lot of routine work. There are also some tips to help you get more followers.

Keeping track of your followers

Observe your TA’s interests. The easiest way to identify them is by observing your existing audience of subscribers. Go to their pages and determine:

  • what your readers are most interested in;
  • what publications earned their likes;
  • whether they use youth slang to communicate;
  • where they go most often;
  • what hashtags they use.

The resulting data allows you to create a portrait of your potential customer’s interests, which in turn will open up access to another source of the right people.

Surveys in the feed and stories

Surveys are often underestimated in marketing. If you don’t ask your subscribers anything, they won’t have anything to answer you. Consequently, you won’t learn anything about their preferences. You can ask questions directly in the feed by posting a photo and writing a question in the caption. You can directly ask what kind of content and what format your readers would like to see on your page. Surveys in stories are another way to learn more about your target audience. Subscribers can provide valuable information that can help you adjust your marketing strategy. For example, National Geographic often conducts surveys in stories. Readers are asked to choose travel itineraries and landscapes that appeal to them. It’s likely that if the majority of users specify the tropics, the next posts will focus on them.


Hashtags are the most obvious and easy way to find the right users. Pick keywords that are appropriate for your topic. Men are mostly interested in sports, fishing, cars and other things. They can be found by searching for appropriate tags. You can search by tags for thematic posts, subscribe to active users, search for competitors’ pages and posts in this way, etc.

We hope our tips will help you get more followers and grow your account. You can also use instagram followers review service to improve the results of your marketing campaigns. Modern tools can help you with various tasks. Use them to get more active Instagram followers and develop your account.