Golf is a game that involves hammering balls into the hole with a different kind of clubs. Home of this game is very difficult to determine because in any territory where there is something similar to the fields, people played similar games, and many countries consider themselves the home of golf. The first memory of the game of golf is considered to be a resolution of the Scottish Parliament in 1457, namely the prohibition of King James on the exercise of this game in the country. Golf was so fascinating to the king’s soldiers that they preferred it to archery practice.

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How to play golf?

The very game of golf is to drive the balls into the holes with clubs to go a certain distance in as few strokes as possible. Clubs in the game should be more than two, but less than fourteen. Golf clubs come in several different types, the main differences are their length and size. The basic classification of golf clubs is blow (first swing in the game), iron (which is used to hit the ball in the middle area of the golf course), vege (beating out of sand or high grass) and pater (this club rolls the ball into the hole, or the game is played on the green). Holes are also arranged for a reason. 

Most often, the game is proposed to go to eighteen holes, balls that need to get in a certain order. Here, even the fields on which the holes and grounds are located, built on certain rules: a special t-shaped starting area, the main area of the game and a special platform on which the hole. In the territory of the whole golf course are often placed a variety of obstacles: ponds, sand, bushes, high grass or trees. The most basic differences from other games of golf are the high dedication and great respect for the rules of the game.

The basic principles of the game of golf are based on honesty and nobility. And as stated in the official rules of the game of golf is accepted:

  • Play the course as it is;
  • Play the ball only as it lies;
  • When neither the first nor the second is possible, a self-respecting golfer must act in good conscience.

There is no sports uniform for golf as such, but at the same time, you should not go to the golf course in jeans pants, and the collar must be on the shirt – a tribute to tradition. As for the shoes that are worn while playing golf, they should be chosen so as not to damage and not to spoil the lawn. Some players wear tennis sneakers, but they also do not fit, because they can slip on the lawn. The best option is the special sneakers for golf, which can be purchased at the club or in special online stores.

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